Tek Syndicate Covers GALAX GOC - Interesting Outsider Point of View on Extreme Overclocking

Tek Syndicate is primarily a YouTube outlet for all things related to technology. With over half a million (!) subscribers and 70 million views, it's fairly obvious they have a strong following.

Earlier this month GALAX organized the GALAX Overclocking Carnival 2015 Grand Final in Wuhan, China. The first day was a competition with fixed benchmarks and hardware which Dancop eventually won. On the second day, the overclockers could challenge any World Record in all pre-selected classes and benchmarks. In total 14 "world records" were set - mostly Global First Places in HWBOT jargon.

Tek Syndicate was invited by GALAX and uploaded a 10-minute video covering the event. It's a fairly interesting video as the two hosts are unfamiliar with the extreme overclocking scene. All things considered the duo seem surprised that extreme overclocking is an actual thing, let alone be something it's so competitive tournaments are organized. They certainly understand that for the general market the liquid nitrogen isn't useful. But in the same sentence recognize that there's a distinct skill required to get the hardware up to speed with extreme cooling.

All things considered, a nice video if you want to know how people in technology look at extreme overclocking. Check out the video here.

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