GIGABYTE and Biostar Now Also Non-K Skylake Overclockable on Z170 Motherboards

The non-K overclocking for Skylake processors saga has been going on for almost a month now. In the beginning of December, Dhenzjhen started the non-K OC movement by showing a retail 4.6GHz Core i3 6320 on a Supermicro H170 motherboard. A couple of days later JagatOC confirmed the overclocking results and first hinted at the power management and AVX issues. Two weeks after Dhenzjhen's results, ASUS and ASRock showed off their non-K overclocking capabilities too with Elmor hitting a solid 5.8 GHz with a Core i3 processor.

Today GIGABYTE and Biostar join the list of motherboard vendors that have non-K OC enabled BIOSes available. The former, GIGABYTE, unofficially supports it through beta BIOSes. The latter, Biostar, released it as an official overclocking feature called HyperOC. Thanks to Stasio, a dedicated forum member who shared the beta BIOSes in our Z170 BIOS thread, you can test the GIGABYTE non-K OC on 7 Z170 motherboards. The list includes: Z170X-SOC Force (F6c), Z170X-Gaming G1 (F7a), Z170X-Gaming GT (F6a), Z170X-Gaming 7 (F6), Z170X-Gaming 7 (F7a), Z170X-Gaming 3 (F5g) and Z170-HD3P (F5g).

It remains to be seen how Intel responds to the non-K overclocking BIOSes. It's significant that three motherboard vendors (ASUS, GIGABYTE and MSI) only support it on beta BIOSes and have made no official statements on this topic. ASRock and Biostar are a bit bolder in their approach going full out and turned the capabilities into features called respectively Sky OC and Hyper OC. We have not seen the end of this story, that is certain.

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