Shims Are Back! Aqua Computer Releases Skylake Spacer for CPU Die Protection

In a press release posted at TechPowerUp, Aqua Computer announces the availability of the Skylake Spacer for CPU protection after removing the heat spreader via a delid process.

Aqua Computer provides several reasons as to why you need the spacer to protect your processor. First and foremost, the edges of the CPU die may break during the installation of a CPU heatsink. This reasoning is not new as many old school overclockers undoubtedly remember the pains of dealing with the Athlon XP core breaking when mounting coolers. Heck, shims were actually a thing back then too!.

Secondly, Aqua Computer highlights the mounting pressure dissipation. With a heat spreader on the processor, the pressure of the mounting is spread across the entire surface of the heat spreader. With just the bare core the available surface area is a lot smaller, those the surface pressure increases. Lastly, there's of course the argument of PCB bending which many mainstream media have covered over the past couple of weeks.

The spacer is available for 6.99 EUR. Check out the Aqua Computer website for more information.

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