Overclock.net Single Threaded Mayhem Overclocking Competition January 2016

Overclock.net just finished their GeForce 8800 Destruction Competition and a new challenge is right around the corner. You can read a nicely written wrap-up of the GeForce 8800 competition at OCN before you move on to the challenge for January titled "Single Threaded Mayhem Competition".

In January's challenge contestants are tasked to run SuperPI 32M, Geekbench3 Single Core and SuperPI 1M. In the first stage all hardware is allowed, for stage 2 and 3 it is limited to respectively LGA1366 and LGA775 processors. Note that you may participate in all three stages, yet only your top two entries will count towards the competition. The competition banner will be made available on January 1st. Another interesting quirk of competition are the EarlyBird and Sandbag points. The first submission in each stage will give you an additional 1 point; being the last to submit in the competition will reduce your competition total by 1 points.

For more information, check out the thread over at Overclock.net. Good luck everyone!

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