TweakTown's Ultimate Intel Skylake Overclocking Guide by Steven "Sin0822" Bassiri

Steven Bassiri, better known as Sin0822, is widely recognized for his in-depth overclocking guides. In the past he also published the The Gigabyte Z87/Haswell Overclocking(OC) Guide and Sin's Ultimate GIGABYTE Z97X Overclocking Guide. Two days ago, Steven published his Skylake overclocking guide at TweakTown.

The guide has a more general approach to overclocking than his previous guides. The article covers both the technical side of overclocking as well as the practical settings for a variety of motherboards. There is quite a bit to cover on the technical side: BCLK, Core, Cache, Memory and FCLK frequencies as well as the different voltages and how they affect the overclocking capabilities of your hardware. In addition, of course the power management and temperature effects come into play. Especially if you're using ambient cooling.

On the practical side, Steven has tested the overclocking minded motherboards from the big 5 vendors. You'll find pro-tips for the ASRock Z170 OC Formula, the ASUS Maximus VIII Extreme, the EVGA Z170 Classified 4-Way, the GIGABYTE Z170X-SOC Force and the MSI Z170A XPower Gaming Titanium Edition. Last but not least, Steve also demonstrates how to delid a Skylake CPU using a 3D printed delid tool and vice.

Get your coffee, grab a seat and prepare for a good read. Check out the guide at TweakTown. For more Skylake overclocking guides, check out the Z170 Skylake Overclocking Guide List in our forums.

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