Single GPU Kings: Custom Leaderboard for Top Single GPU Overclockers

Last month we launched the Embed feature. This feature allows you to embed specific rankings on your blog or forum. Currently we support the benchmark hall of fame, team rankings for each benchmark and competition leaderboards. The HWBOT admins are also able to turn any database request in a nice looking table.

Upon community request, we queried the database to find the Single GPU King. The leaderboard lists the overclockers with the highest amount of Global and WR points with Single GPU systems. At the moment of writing, the top of the leaderboard is taken by the current leader in the Overclockers League, Dancop, with 877.1 points. In second place we find Rbuass from Brazil with 806.7 points. The bronze medal is in the hands of K|ngp|n with 518.8 points.

For more information and other 3D benching related leaderboards, check out the thread titled Single GPU Kings in our forum. Feel free to get in touch if you want other data turned into an always up-to-date embeddable table!.

Belgium Massman says:

3D Single GPU (WR+GL)



3D Dual GPU (WR+GL)



3D Benchmarks (WR+GL+HW)


Brazil Rbuass says:

Need something like this to push the 3D benchmarks.

Thanks.. will need to go back to old 3D benchs :)

Missing 01, 03, 05, 06 and Aquamark to give me better chances...


Very nice @@

United States filmbot says:

I like this too. As one who knows that I will never chase down 2D genius' due to lack of time and overall knowledge, chasing 3D hardware points is where I'm going to start focusing.


Feels more brute computing, little less time consuming and a lot more instant gratification :D

Brazil Rbuass says:

How pathetic can be someone...

First all, explain you consider nothing to win MOA Free Style, that according you is easy and nothing...

Second... easy... just win the Americas Qualifier, be sicky, and don't go to finals... so... you can reach zero points and read stupid comment like yours.... ;)

Brazil Rbuass says:

Any update about this?



Belgium Massman says:

Updated the opening post with the embed SQL.


The table is now always up to date.

Brazil Rbuass says:

Thanks Pieter.

Very nice.

Maybe will be possible do it for SLI and Max (3 Way not worth... only the highest scores).

Belgium Massman says:

Sure, updated with 2xGPU table

Brazil Rbuass says:

Thanks again.

United States Splave says:

didnt realize I was ballin this hard

Belgium leeghoofd says:

How did I end up here ?

Belgium Massman says:

@Splave: Unigines should help a lot

@Leeghoofd: spamming ^^

South Africa Vivi says:

i am on the list i approve of this list

@steponz well placed man!

United States steponz says:

It's a little late.. should have done this last year.


Some benchmarks should be excluded from this as they are cpu benchmarks and pretry much no gpu. Pretty easy to tell which ones.


Not too mention the point system just doesn't make sense. I'll still drop my points.

GENiEBEN says:

How did I end up here ?

do I smell waffels?

Brazil CarlosSchenckel says:

Nice work Massman.

GJ RBuass and Schenckelbros and all others OC'ers .

Belgium Massman says:

Updated table:


- only include the benchmarks with global points in the submission counter

- added country name

Canada WhiteWulfe says:

Darn, no Canadians eh? This totally needs to be resolved. :P

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