More Skylake non-K Unlocked MSI Z170 BIOSes Available: 16 Motherboard Models Supported

In a thread posted in our Skylake overclocking sub-forum, t!n0 from The Netherlands has listed the unlocked BIOSes for 16 MSI Z170 motherboards. The BIOSes support BCLK overclocking for any locked Skylake processor, but have the same issues as we mentioned in another newsflash article. In short: no integrated graphics, no power management features and poor AVX performance.

The MSI motherboard beta support list now includes: Z170A XPowerGaming Titanium Edition, Z170A Gaming M9 ACK, Z170A Gaming M7, Z170A Gaming M5, Z170A-G45 Gaming , Z170A Gaming M3, Z170A Gaming Pro, Z170A Krait Gaming, Z170I Gaming Pro AC, Z170A Tomahawk, Z170A Tomahawk AC, Z170M Mortar, Z170A SLI Plus, Z170A-G43 Plus, Z170A PC Mate and Z170-A Pro.

You can find the BIOSes for download in t!n0's forum thread. Don't forget to say thanks to T!n0 for sharing and enjoy overclocking!


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