Futuremark Showcases New DX12 Benchmark 'Time Spy' at GALAX GOC Event

At the GALAX Overclocking Carnival 2015 Grand Final, held on December 11 and 12 in Wuhan, China, Futuremark showcased the upcoming Time Spy DirectX 12 benchmark for the first time.

Originally posted at the Chinese alternative to YouTube, Youku.com, and later re-uploaded by Guru3D on YouTube, the video includes a fly-by type of workload. It's difficult to find an exact description of the scene and the video quality isn't helping much either. Tomshardwareguide.com reached out to Futuremark for more information and confirmed that the Time Spy benchmark will be added to the 3DMark benching in early 2016. Futuremark also confirmed that "the Time Spy benchmark is being developed using a Direct X 12 engine that it created in-house to showcase the API's new features. [...] one of DX12’s greatest benefits is its ability to have far more draw calls than the previous version of the API. We were told that “Time Spy has roughly five times as much content on screen as Fire Strike.”

Check out the video by clicking on the image or by clicking here.

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