Overclocking Non-K Intel Skylake CPUs Including Performance Tests by Overclocking.guide

Following the news that ASUS and ASRock have unlocked the base clock overclocking capabilities of any Skylake processor, several publications have started publishing articles testing the performance gain. One of the sites is of course Overclocking.guide who posted an article testing the Pentium G4400T, Core i3 6320 and the Core i5 6400.

The conclusive lines are a dream for any PC enthusiast who enjoys fiddling with their PC: "I could reach the 75 % OC within 10 minutes without any special settings or CPU-binning. It’s also pretty obvious that the CPU clock is not limited by the BCLK. 170 MHz was no problem using the i5-6400 whereas I could not even reach 120 MHz using the i3-6320. So I advice to get cheap CPUs with low CPU multi and push the BCLK [...] it’s just a matter of time until we will see unlocked BIOS for cheap Z170 or even H170 boards. In the end this is still the best OC-News since Sandy-Bridge considering the fact that I could gain +75% OC which results in +52% performance.

Read the article here: http://overclocking.guide/overclocking-non-k-intel-skylake-cpus-performance-tests/.

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