"Broadwell-E Launches at Computex 2016"

An article published by states that the upcoming new HEDT processors with Broadwell-E architecture will launch at Computex 2016. Originally Broadwell-E was slated for Q1 next year, but a couple of weeks ago it was confirmed the launch was pushed back to Q2.

Broadwell-E comes in many shapes. Unlike it's predecessors Sandy Bridge-E, Ivy Bridge-E and Haswell-E, there will be 4 different processor SKUs to choose from. The most anticipated processor is of course the first unlocked 10-core processor for consumers. Pricing isn't entirely confirmed yet, but historically speaking the per-SKU replacement for Haswell-E should be priced similarly which could point to a USD $1299 to USD $1500 price point for the 10-core unlocked monster that is the Core i7 6950X.

Still slated for the end of next year is Kaby Lake, the Skylake refresh for mainstream platforms. With AMD's Zen architecture also announced for Q3 or Q4 next year, enthusiasts may be in for a spectacular 2016!

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