Techradar's Brief Look at the ROG GX700 Water Cooled Notebook had a brief interview with ROG about the water-cooled Skylake based notebook which we shared pictures of back in September. It's not a particular long or in-depth article, but it's cool to see some of the drawings that lead to a device like this. Whether this is a really practical product remains the question, though.

Quote: "The intention was to challenge people on what they envisioned a mobile GPU could be," ASUS ROG Global Marketing Director Derek Yu said. "At the same time, we have to come up with a thermal solution that matches this kind of requirement, so having a liquid cooling system has been part of the project from the get go."

Aside from liquid cooling, Yu said Asus is researching other systems, including a 3D vapor chamber that it recently introduced in its ROG G752 laptop. There are also older iterations of the GX700 that are still on the drawing board. "We actually have several iterations of a quad-cooling module," Yu said. "Some of our earlier ones were even bigger than what it is right now, but we are trying to constantly tweak it to get to the right size with the right performance."

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