Z170 Statistics and BIOS Thread Updated; 45 new BIOSes and 13K Results from 1200 Overclockers

In the Skylake (Z170) OC subforum you can find thread related to Skylake overclocking, varying from thermal paste tests to overclocking guides for a variety of motherboards. In one of the threads you can find Z170 BIOS, tools, facts, stats and list of mainboards. Today we updated the thread with the latest statistics and uploaded 45 new BIOSes!

The new BIOSes are from MSI and GIGABYTE mostly, and one from each ASRock and ASUS. It will be interesting to see which motherboard vendor catches on the Core i3 non-K base clock overclocking hype first and releases new BIOSes to support this on their most high-end motherboard models.

In terms of statistics, we now have 13,400+ Skylake overclocking results in the database originating from about 1200 overclockers worldwide. In total 105 different mainboards have been used, which includes most of the than half of the 119 mainboards we have in our database by 11 different motherboard manufacturers. The most popular brand currently is ASUS, with the Maximus VIII hero as most used product. The most used cooling has changed from all-in-one to custom water cooling with almost one out of three Skylake overclockers opting for a decent ambient cooling system. SAMBA from Romania is the most active overclocker with 376 submissions.

We look forward to seeing the Skylake overclocking activity pick up over the course of the next couple of weeks. Let us know if you have any guides or BIOSes to share so we can add it to the thread!

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