The Overclocker #36: GTX 980 Ti K|ngp|n Edition, Interview with Strong Island, NAG OC Workshop at rAge 2015, and more ...

The latest issue of The Overclocker magazine

The Overclocker magazine is the overclocking community's bi-monthly overclocking magazine filled with information on the hardware, the people, and the scores. In Issue #36 we find an extensive extreme overclocking review if the EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti K|ngp|n Edition graphics card, an interview with extreme overclocker Strong Island and a detailed overview of the overclocking activities at the NAG OC Workshop at rAge 2015 expo in South Africa. The hardware reviews include the ASUS Maximus VIII Extreme, Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4-3200 and GIGABYTE Z170X Gaming G1.

Quote from the GTX 980 Ti K|ngp|n review: "If you couldn't tell already, this is by far the most impressive overclocking card we have ever come across. [...] As capable as the GTX 980 Ti KPE is in a gaming context, it is really wasted in that environment as more than half of the engineering effort is directly concerned with LN2 overclocking."

Quote from the Strong Island interview: "I really love 3D benchmarks the most. It's what I started on and it's all I did on water cooling before trying LN2 [...] But now that I love LN2 I do the CPU benches also just because I like any kind of benching. Also with 2D you can usually use less LN2 and stretch it out a bit more which means more fun."

Quote from the NAG OC Workshop rAge 2015 article: "Change is, as we are all aware, inevitable. [...] We see new champions and the guard constantly evolving allowing for new competitors to enter the stage. [...] It is in light of this that we are great advocates for all things related to amateur and novice overclocking."

If you want to read more, go check out The Overclocker Issue #35 by clicking HERE or on the image on your left hand side!

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