[HWBOT X] ASUS Finals 9 Extreme Overclocking Demo by Flank3r and Aerou

Flank3r and Aerou host an extreme overclocking demonstration on the ASUS booth at the ASUS Finals 9 eSports event in Svitavy, Czech Republic. This is a gaming event that features Czech Republic’s top players on CS, LOL, Starcraft II and Quakelive. The atmosphere is great as eSports fans from around Czech Republic gather to support their favorite players.

The event will run from Saturday 19th 10am to Sunday the 20th 10pm. It is open to the public and tickets costs between 11 and 18 Euros for a full day access. Come along and pass by the booth to have a chat with two of the most renown Czech overclockers!

Check out the HWBOT X event page for more information. Stay up to date on the latest overclocking events with the HWBOT X Event Map.

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