The OC Show Live Q&A - S02E23: Country Cup 2015, Lucky_n00b and Jagat's AOCT, and Wrapping Up 2015 with Gavbon, Redmax and Massman

In the final episode of The OC Show Live Q&A the season, Tim and Isaïe from Overclocking-TV and guests Gavbon from, Alva (Lucky_n00b) from Jagat OC, Dennis (Redmax) from Hardware-asylum and Pieter (Massman) from HWBOT, talk about what happened in overclocking land in the past two weeks. The topics are:

  • - Quick overview of the competitions at OC-ESPORTS
  • - The HWBOT Country Cup (Stage by Stage presentation and status overview)
  • - Lucky_n00b presents his plan for the Jagat Amateur OverClocking Tournament 2015/2016
  • - Our annual wrap up with each guest's 2015 highlights.

Click on the image to watch the video, or click here if you prefer old school hyperlinks.

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