Elmor's Lab: Independent Core Overclocking for Haswell-E

Elmor has a small section on the forum reserved for his overclocking research projects. For example, there is a support thread for the EVC software. Yesterday Elmor shared a small software application to overclock the cores of your Haswell-E processor independently.

Quick re-cap: overclocking an Intel processor typically goes via the Turbo multipliers, a set of ratios unlocked on -K and -X processor SKUs. (Edit*) The Turbo frequency is configured on utilization basis, assigning a specific frequency to a certain type of load. For example on an 8-core part, if any three cores are in use they will be boosted to the configured 3-core ratio while the five idle cores stay at the base frequency.

For AMD processors the situation is a bit different as all cores can be clocked independently. That is why you will often see 8GHz+ CPU overclockers with all other cores clocked to 800MHz or lower. Having independent frequency control for each core helps you push for better benchmark results in single threaded benchmark applications as you are not restraint by the weaker cores in the CPU.

The software tool Elmor developed works in combination with TurboC Core and is currently only tested on the Rampage V Extreme motherboard. As Elmor writes: "When first started it will ask you 'Init per core mode?', entering 'y' will apply the current max ratio to each core. After that you use TurboV Core only to set your maximum possible ratio. If you want you can just set it to 80 and forget about it until next reboot. Whatever ratio you set in this software will now be applied on a per core basis."

You can find all details and download information in the forum thread. Good luck!


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