The Verge Discovers 87 Clockers, a 38-Chapter Manga Exclusively About Overclocking!

To most of the extreme overclockers it's no secret that 87 Clockers is manga with as central topic the world of competitive (extreme) overclocking. It's set in Japan and the main character is Ichinose, a male violinist who doesn't have a sense of direction in his life. One night he meets a mysterious girl who lives together with a cat and a guy called Mike - an overclocker.

From that point forward the story spins out in a series of (at the moment of writing) 38 chapters telling the story of competitive overclocking. It takes us to the International Space Station, where new SuperPI records are followed daily. The details of the manga are genuinely depicting the life of overclockers. In Chapter 18, for example, a man picks up an empty CPU box and reads "2012 week fourty-two, made in Malaysia." Let's be honest, that's all we need to know. In Chapter 35, we're following the World Championship where "3D HeatMan" scores are the main focus.

You can read the 87 Clockers manga in English here. Original news article at The Verge here.

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