Do-It-Yourself IHS Delid Device 3D Printing Models by SoF

Although the idea of taking off the hood of your processor isn't new, did it in 2003 with the Pentium 4, the discussion has certainly picked up pace with the launch of the Skylake processors. Two weeks ago Der8auer launched his Delid Die Mate in retail at Caseking, a tool that allows you to remove the heat speader safely from Ivy Bridge, Haswell, Broadwell, and Skylake based processors. At a retail price of 90 euro it certainly isn't the cheapest of tools on the market, but it beats having to buy a new 6700K because you accidentally cut traces on the PCB.

For even more die-hard DIY overclockers out there, there's an alternative solution available. On the forum, SoF from AwardFabrik shared a 3D print template for printing your own delid device. In function it seems to be fairly similar to the Delid Die Mate, but of course the build material is different. According to SoF the printing time on a MakerBot 5th gen and similar printers is between two to three hours.

More information and download links are available in the forum:

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