[PR] G.SKILL Boosts DDR4 8GB Module Speed Up to 4133MHz 16GB (8GBx2)

G.SKILL announces a series of ultra high performance DDR4 kits based on 8GB modules, from 3600MHz CL16 32GB (4x8GB) all the way up to the extreme speed of 4133MHz 16GB (2x8GB), featuring ultra-high quality Samsung ICs.

Seeing the growing demand for high capacity memory kit, G.SKILL continually dedicated itself to develop faster memory speed with 8GB DDR4 modules. And all the hard work has finally paid off. Now enthusiasts can experience faster transfer memory speed without compromising capacity. These new high speed DDR4 8GB module-based memory kits will join G.SKILL’s latest extreme performance Trident Z family and come with the latest XMP 2.0 overclocking profiles, allowing simple overclocking on compatible systems.

These new high capacity DDR4 kits are designed for the latest 6th Gen Intel Core processors and Z170 chipset platforms with the latest XMP 2.0 profile. The DDR4 4133MHz 16GB (2x8GB) kit has been validated with Intel Core i7-6700K CPU and ASRock Z170 OC Formula motherboard. A stress-testing screenshot of the memory kit can be found below.


Belgium Massman says:

Greece TASOS says:

Are these the B-die ?

Belgium Massman says:

No idea

United States Random says:

probably A-die

United States Lays says:

Z-Die? C-Die? XYZ-die? Lol

France marmott says:

Hynix A-die at 4133, I want to believe! Samsung B-die 8Gbit is more likely, single rank modules is easier to support.

United States rtsurfer says:

B-die finally.
Now to wait for it to showup on Newegg.

Also both, AFR & Samsung B-die coming out..? Christmas did come early. ;)

United States Random says:

I thought it was samsung A-die that was coming out for 8gb SS? dammit samsung how many OCs are you gonna release? itsd only been a year since ddr4 came out..

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