Introducing HWBOT X beta - Online Platform for Sharing Overclocking Events

Today HWBOT proudly and excitedly announces the beta launch of the HWBOT X online platform for overclocking event sharing. HWBOT X is a project we’ve been working on since the summer and we are happy to finally show it to the world.

What is HWBOT X? It is a platform for sharing overclocking events. Since forever, overclockers around the world engage with their friends and foes in overclocking gatherings, events, and workshops. Sometimes the events are small and include just a handful of people, and sometimes they are huge with hundreds of overclockers participating in qualifiers around a country. There is so much overclocking action going on, it’s hard to keep track.

In addition, there are many more who would like to support the local community with events and gatherings too. To give a helping hand, the HWBOT X serves as a knowledge base that covers most of the challenges involved with event planning and execution.

For more information, check out the Welcome to HWBOT X blogpost on the HWBOT X website. We hope you enjoy the site!


Belgium Massman says:


Bulgaria I.nfraR.ed says:

On a very quick first glance

- Contrast between main text and background is not good enough
- Links are not easily distinguishable. They are slightly "more black" than the text, consider changing at least the color to some variant of blue
- I know you're probably not targeting disabled people, but accessibility is poor, while it is very easy to implement basic screen-reader support with ARIA attributes. Most websites neglect this.

United States xxbassplayerxx says:

I like it!!! Feature request: Allow someone to propose a location for a gathering/event and have people indicate interest... For example - I'd love to have an event in the Chicago area but not sure how many people would be interested!

Belgium Massman says:

[MENTION=18651]I.nfraR.ed[/MENTION], thanks for the feedback. Added to the to-do list.

[MENTION=15831]xxbassplayerxx[/MENTION], you can always make a community event page and share that for people to comment on I guess? I made an example here: You can make a small image to make it look a bit better and then share the link on Facebook or so. One cool thing I just found out is that the event will appear on the map even if you give an approximate geo-location (like a city).

From our side, the idea is that we help spread the word on events like this through a news post on the website and some social media activity. With a picture and two paragraphs of text that's pretty easy :)

Poland Xtreme Addict says:

Good tool! Maybe it will help prevent issues like this year with GOC and HOT :)

France Xyala says:

[MENTION=18651]I.nfraR.ed[/MENTION] Thanks! Will check to tweak the font in the css files :) [MENTION=15831]xxbassplayerxx[/MENTION] Just like Pieter said, + an RSVP feature will come soon. We can also eventually add a category for "proposed" events or something, to be defined. Good point though :) EDIT: Also sometimes if you just put the city it might not appear on the map, so sometimes you need the whole street, sometimes not.

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