Embed Function Updated with 3D Benchmarks and All Competitions

About a week ago we introduced you to a new feature at HWBOT - the Embed Functionality. This feature allows you to embed any benchmark hall of fame, your team's benchmark leaderboard, or any competition on your blog, forum or website. The French overclocking team of Cowcotland already implemented the table and it looks great!

In this brief news item we want to highlight three changes to this feature.

First of all, we expanded the existing list of benchmarks to now also include the 3D benchmarks. That means you can now include the 3DMark leaderboards as well as Catzilla, GPUPI and so on. Secondly, we expanded the selection of competitions to include all. That means it is now possible to embed all the leaderboards of any competition we're hosting at OC-ESPORTS. For example, the HWBOT Country Cup 2015. Last but not least, we've also fixed a small bug to support custom embed data. The result can now be seen in certain threads in our forum, where we track specific leaderboards such as the Skylake Super PI 32M 5G Challenge or the Socket 939 Overclocking Hall of Fame.

You can find more information on the Embed Functionality in our dedicated development forum thread.

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