ASUS Straight Edge Podcast at OCN with Raja and Geoff on Skylake and Z170

In an attempt to address some of the hypes in the PC industry, Rajinder Gill and Geoff Gasior from ASUS North America launch a Straight Edge podcast initiative in cooperation with In the podcast they cover a set of technical topics as well as respond to questions from the OCN community.

In the very first episode of Straight Edge, Raja and Geoff cover mainly Skylake and the Z170 platform. Evidently they talk about the new Impact motherboard and expand on the topic of T-topology and Daisy-chaining memory configurations. Another topic includes questions about the Skylake power delivery and the industry's obsession with VRM phase count. Also covered is the question which is a better choice: the i7 6700K with Z170 or the i7 5930K with X99. In addition, the tech duo talks about using multiple M.2 drives and the usefulness of Thunderbolt 3 for desktop.

You can find the discussion topic at here and a direct link to the podcast here.

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