Kaby Lake Has 95W Enthusiast Quad Core, Increased Core Performance, Still Supports DDR3L

In an article from benchlife.info new information concerning Kaby Lake was revealed. Kaby Lake will launch next year after Broadwell-E. Kaby Lake resembles the Haswell Refresh Devil's Canyon launch in the sense that there is no transition to a smaller process node and will come with a chipset refresh.

The 200 series chipset features an increase from 26 to 30 PCIe lanes, support for Intel Optane Technology, and support for both Skylake and Kaby Lake processors.

Kaby Lake's key features include a core performance increase (which we didn't get with Haswell Refresh!), dual and quad core processors from 35W to 95W, and shift to 5K resolution. Important is that Kaby Lake will be compatible with the 100 series chipset and with DDR3L memory.

More information and slides at benchlife.info.


Czech Republic buildzoid says:

But will the i3s overclock?

Belgium Massman says:

Highly unlikely. We should really not expect Intel to release a full line of cheap and fully overclockable products anymore. The strategy is very clear: overclocking is a premium feature only. With a bit of luck (and much sense from their side) we'll affordable overclockable SKUs like the Pentium K which allows people to experience and have fun with overclocking at a lower price point. But the years of "everything can be overclocked" are definitely behind us. AMD's still doing the full line of overclocking, but they are severely lacking in marketing activities. Hence the really low amount of overclocking activities even from their closest partners.

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