Rbuass Cranks Up the GeForce GTX 980 Ti to Almost 2200MHz Core Frequency

Single GPU extreme overclocking is an art on its own. Maxing out a graphics card to frequencies far beyond stock requires an incredible amount of patience and dedication - especially if it requires also electrical modifications. Rbuass has been at the top of Single GPU overclocking for a long time and this morning I found the front-page leaderboard filled with Brazilian flags and a 2.2GHz GeForce GTX 980 Ti.

In combination with a 5.8GHz Core i7 5960X processor and the Rampage V Extreme motherboard, Rbuass pumps up the GTX 980 Ti to 2192MHz through the two most prominent Catzilla benchmarks (720P and 1440P). Clocked a little bit lower at 2155 MHz he also passes the 3DMark11 Performance benchmark. Last but not least there's also 3DMark Vantage. As a result, Rbuass has two new Global First Places on his overclocking resumee: Catzilla 720P at 62272 and Catzilla 1440P at 20803. In 3DMark11 Performance Rbuass manages second place, trailing Steponz by about 700 points.

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