Cowcotland Embeds HWBOT Leaderboard - Looks Great!

Before enjoying our days in the weekend, we introduced you to the new HWBOT embed feature. On the same day Taloken from the French Cowcotland team implemented the new embedded leaderboards and we must say it looks great!

On the Cowcotland forums you can find a sub-forum section titled "HWBOT" in which you find the thread titled "Les records de la Ferme". In this thread there are four nicely embedded leaderboards displaying the top Cowcotland results in CPU Frequency, SuperPI 32M, XTU, and Memory Frequency. The number one scores are achieved respectively by 2ShEp, Dargregor, and Niuulh. The leaderboards have a similar color styling as the general forum and thus fit nicely in the theme.

Find out more about the HWBOT Embed function in our dedicated forum thread.

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