HWDB Overclocks the Patriot PX416G240C5K 16GB DDR4-2400C15

HWDB's TaPaKaH is well-known for his insights and knowledge of memory overclocking. Last weekend he looked into a 16GB DDR4-2400 Patriot kit which turned out to be not so forgiving for overclocking (see quote below).

"Getting our test sample to run DDR4-2800 was extremely easy, it could even lower the timings to 12-14-14 given enough voltage. However, DDR4-3000 and anything above was mission impossible. Irrespective of the timings, subtimings, voltages and platform-related settings, we would occasionally have Memtest errors around the 70% mark, which would cross the DDR4-3000 mode out as potentially unreliable. This makes Patriot kits two for two on unexplained overclockability issues, so there is clearly something wrong with chip binning within the company."

Full review at HWDB.com

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