New Feature: Embed HWBOT Rankings on Blog or Forum

In September we hired extra help for the development of HWBOT. At the moment we are focusing on preparing the OC-ESPORTS website for 2016. The first feature to make it to production is the new HWBOT Embed functionality. This allows you to embed HWBOT rankings on your blog, forum, or website without any knowledge on software development.

Over course of the next couple of weeks we will run tests with developers to beta test the different features of the embed functionality. The main focus is to gather feedback on usability, speed and server load, and additional feature requests. Once we have gathered all the feedback, we will plan the next development steps for the embed functionality.

There are currently three supported types of leaderboards. Competition, to embed the leaderboard of an OC-ESPORTS competition. Benchmark, to embed the benchmark overall hall of fame. Team, to embed the leaderboard of a benchmark, scoped to your team members. We currently support three types of embed formats: Javascript, JSON, and Vbulletin BBCODE.

For more information, check out the "Embed HWBOT Rankings on Blog or Forum" forum thread.

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