Der8auer Invents the Delid Die Mate - Advanced Tool for CPU Delidding

For the folks who closely follow the world of overclocking it's widely known Der8auer is currently employed by German PC system and hardware distributor Caseking. With an educational background in engineering and an seemingly endless interest in innovation and creating overclocking related products, Der8auer has not only an entire line-up of LN2 Cooling Gear, but also the Haswell OC Frame for delidded CPU support and super high-end systems. In case you're interested, you can find the Der8auer Caseking products here

His latest invention is a tool to help you delid your Ivy Bridge, Haswell / Devil's Canyon, or Skylake processor. The tools is named the Der8auer Delid Die Mate and features a simple solution to always have a perfect CPU delid. No more wasting hard-earned money on delid failures!

In a video tutorial on YouTube Roman demonstrates the technique. By applying strong pressure on the side of heat-spreader you break the glue connection, making it simple to take off the heat-spreader and apply any thermal paste you want. It couldn't be easier, actually! For more information, check out the forum thread in our Extreme Overclocking sub-forum.

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