OC-ESPORTS New Feature: Create Discussion Topics for Competitions

The discussion tab features on every competition page as the central place for questions and chit-chat about the ongoing competition. Until this update, it featured a wall of comments from a single thread from our vBulletin forum. Last weekend, we extended the functionality to not only support multiple threads per competition, but also improved readability. Using the HyperX OC Takeover Season III Qualifier competition as example, we walk you through the changes.

On the Discussions tab page you find an overview of all the topics linked to a competition. The important topics (sticky in the forum) will have a star assigned, indicating the information in the thread should be looked at by all competitors. By clicking on the three striped logo on the right hand side you can load the comments of the thread. By clicking Post New Topic you can created your own topic, for example to ask a question or highlight a new top score.

Full article at OC-ESPORTS.io. You can also watch the brief video guide on YouTube.

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