Intel #ExpertMode Ep. 4 - Rosie the Riveter feat. Brittany Carroll

The first episode of the Intel #ExpertMode series featured Travis Jank overclocking using phase-change cooling. In the second episode, we got to know Bob and Rod, who build an insane looking Fallout based casemod. The third episode featured the The Simplicity Rig by Lee Harrington, a sleek and simple yet slick looking case design. In the fourth episode, we get to meet Brittany Carroll, a female great case modder with a weak spot for one of the World War II icons.

"Modder Brittany Carroll nods her head to one of the greatest WWII icons of all time with a new build based on Rosie the Riveter. Watch her rewire Rosie for the 21st century as she discusses PC design philosophy, high performance and finding her voice as a modder."

Check out the video by clicking on the image or by clicking here.

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