Futuremark Removes Scores from Hall of Fame - Update: Scores with Altered LOD No Longer Valid

Yesterday Futuremark cleaned their Hall of Fame leaderboards in an attempt to remove all scores which don't pass their internal validation checks. The Hall of Fame now only shows historical scores using SystemInfo 4.34 or later. New results must use Systeminfo 4.40 or later. For the latest 3DMark tests, version v1.5.915 is required to ensure full Futuremark validity.

The leaderboards changed quite significantly overnight. We are not entirely sure what made the scores fail to pass the validation checks, but it appears that most of the scores with LOD tweaking enabled are removed from the board. The overall leaders in the most popular 3DMark benchmarks are now Gunslinger (Fire Strike Ultra), Gunslinger (Fire Strike Extreme), and Coolice (Fire Strike).

In the single GPU rankings we find K|ngp|n leading in all three benchmarks.

You can find the announcement on the Futuremark forums.

Update Nov 10: Futuremark informed us that the "change was to enforce the NVIDIA driver LOD settings rules for all results as before using an older SI let you bypass that check for all practical purposes." No more LOD at Futuremark Hall of Fame!

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