Twelve GALAX GOC 2015 Finalists Known - Final in Wuhan, Dec 11-12

From September 20 to October 25 overclockers had the opportunity to compete for a spot in the final of the GALAX OC Carnival 2015 Grand Final by submitting the highest 3DMark scores in Fire Strike, Fire Strike Extreme, Fire Strike Ultra and 3DMark 11 over at The twelve contestants submitting the highest 3DMark scores each win a place at the GOC 2015 Grand Final in Wuhan, which includes an all-expense paid trip to China.

The competition qualifier is finished and all scores have been checked, which means we know the twelve finalists who will contend for the to be announced prize pool. The twelve finalists are: Dancop, Lucky_n00b, Schenckelbros, Shimizu, Wizerty, Bullshooter, Xtreme Addict, Bboyjezz, Viv, Darkvenom, Perica_barii, and DrWeez.

We wish everyone the best of luck!

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