Cast Your Vote to Elect Five Representatives in the Community Competition Task Force

hwbot community competition task force

With the introduction of the OC-ESPORTS platform for online and offline overclocking competitions, there are much more possibilities to host all sorts of competition series as it allows to focus on specific types of overclocking that certain people find more interesting. For example: the Old School is Best School competition focuses on legacy hardware and the Skylake 5G Tweaker's Challenge focuses on tweaking the Skylake platform with a fixed CPU frequency.

Organizing, maintaining, and supporting overclocking competitions is quite time-intensive. It requires good knowledge on the competition subject to choose the right stage duration, hardware limitations, and benchmarks. In case the competition is very popular, it also takes a lot of time to moderate the incoming submissions. That’s where the Community Competition Task Force ("CCTF") initiative comes in. Under the supervision of the senior moderator staff, members of the community can volunteer to help manage the community competitions from inception to moderation and announcing the results. The CCTF allows the community to host overclocking competitions for the community.

Of the twelve members who volunteered to take part in the CCTF, five can join the first phase. To select the five you can cast your vote on who you want to represent the competitive overclocking community. You can vote for multiple candidates.

If you want to discuss more about the Community Competition Task Force, have a look at this forum thread.

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