Intel #ExpertMode Ep. 2 - The Fallout Rig feat. Bob Stewart and Rod Rosenberg

The first episode of the Intel #ExpertMode series featured Travis Jank overclocking using phase-change cooling. In the second episode, we get to know Bob and Rod, who build an insane looking Fallout based casemod. The 35-odd kilogram case comes with a mATX motherboard and a Core i5 4690K processor.

"In episode 2 of #ExpertMode, Washington-based modders Bob Stewart and Rod Rosenberg pay tribute to the post-apocalyptic video game "Fallout 4" with this rusty, custom PC. Watch them source materials from railroad tracks, old pick-up trucks and more as they try to stay true to the "Fallout" theme."

Check out the video by clicking on the image or by clicking here.

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