HWDB Reviews and Overclocks GeIL 8GB GWW48GB3000C14DC to DDR4-3200C14 at 1.40V

HW-DB has a look at one of the better looking memory kits we've seen in a while. This time not because of the fancy heatsink design, but because the PCB itself carries a special design. the GeIL kit comes in a white flavor with a golden dragon logo. The white PCB matches the designs of GALAX graphics cards and MSI Krait motherboards, while the dragon adds an interesting Eastern touch to the kit.

The overclocking capabilities of the kit are not so spectacular as they could not operate at DDR4-3333 rating. Fron the default frequency of DDR4-3000, the kit could be bumped up to DDR4-3200 or have its primary timings tightened to C12-15-15. Considering the market is seeing kits available up to DDR4-4133, it's a fair conclusion that the overclocking capabilities are not up to par. As the conclusive lines read, the kit is interesting mainly due to its competitive price point and unique style.

Check out the review at hw-db.com

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