MSI and The Overclocking Knights Break PiFast World Record and Cinebench Global First Place

In a joined effort between TaPaKaH and The Overclocking Knights, two new top results were achieved yesterday. Firstly, the PiFast World Record is improved from 9.44sec to 9.39sec using a Core i7 6700K at 6744 MHz and the MSI Z170A Gaming M7 and very efficiently tuned DDR4 memory at DDR4-3624 C11-18-18. Earlier this month Splave already improved the world record which we covered in this news item.

In addition, the team also set a new Global First Place for Cinebench R15 4xCPU. Again improving upon Splave's result, the new GFP is set at 1431 CB. The hardware used for both world record and global frist place are the same, however the CPU is clocked at 'only' 6.4 GHz for Cinebench. This is the highest we've seen for a Core i7 6700K in this particular benchmark.

Somehow we don't think this is the end of the story as Splave seems to have found a couple of great retail Skylake processors to counter the scores. To be continued!

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