Overclockers.com Benchmark Buffet 2.0 - Everything You Need for Overclocking, from Benchmarks to OC Tools

Overclockers.com has a team with a long tradition at HWBOT. Not only are they among the ten oldest teams at HWBOT, they rank in the top-5 in the Teams League.

One of the team captains is Johan45, better known as Shawn Jennings in real life. A couple of days ago he published an article listing all the benchmarks and useful overclocking tools in an article titled Benchmark Buffet. The article is updated with the latest tools and benchmarks. Their functions are anything from overclocking CPU’s and GPU’s to system status/monitoring applications needed to confirm and enter scores at HWBOT, to temperature monitoring tools and programs. Of course, you won’t need ALL of these, but can choose which you like the best to use for your tweaking needs. Please be sure to verify compatible programs with your specific hardware.

For more information, have a look at the article at overclockers.com.

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