Pro OC Manager Mike Gorius Announces the New Pro OC Championship and Pro OC Program

I'm happy to announce the final structure the old Cup into the new Pro OC Championship. Please review the new format and program details below, we opened up the application process this month and have some outstanding candidates, so I really look forward to hearing from those of you who want to join the program or participate in the Championship on your own.

Having Vendor support on the hardware level, and now financial support to offset some of the XOC expense is new to this competition, and with it comes certain responsibilities. The Overclocker generated "content" aspect is going to be the major key to the success and ultimately the growth of this competition. The Vendor has to be able to see a return on their investment in this program beyond just the typical benchmark result and submission. I have complete confidence that you guys can and will make this happen.

With that said, participation in the Pro OC Program is not mandatory, individuals are welcome to compete in the Pro OC Championship series apart from the Program. We have a separate prize budget in place for those participants that are not in the Pro OC Program.

You can find more information and details in the thread linked to the news announcement.


United States Gunslinger says:

Pro OC Championship Competition
Each round will consist of 5 stages.
We will do our best to lay out the season stage requirements beforehand to better allow the participants to select and purchase the required hardware.
Round 1: $400-$200-$100 = $700
Round 3: $600-$400-$300 = $1300[/list]
Competition LN2/time Partner supplied cash offset will be $500 per round, per team. Total of $1,500 per team for the season. (only for those in the Pro OC Program)[/list]

Pro OC Championship Competition Rules
[list]Teams can be 1-2 people max, same per team hardware and prize allotment regardless if a team is 1 person or 2.
Overclockers must submit to a minimum of 3 of the 5 stages during a given round to remain in the program.[/list]

Application to Pro OC Championship Partner program
5 participants will be selected for Season 1, participants will be selected based on their skill in content creation as well as their overclocking skill. 60/40 weighting is being considered.
Be prepared to promote Pro Overclocking
Selected participants will have to sign a standard agreement contract to compete.[/list]

Challenger Series Bonus Program, the Road to Pro
One content per two weeks which features partner provided product.
Audio: Podcast, live interview Q&A with entry level or aspiring overclockers
Written: blog, typed article, "how to guides"
Suggestions for written content
Technical guide, "What is CAS latency and how does it help me?"
Stage or Round recap, "Here is how I achieved my result"
System build guides, "Here is how I built my system, this is why I chose these specific parts"[/list]

United States l0ud_sil3nc3 says:

Interesting, but seems like alot of work for very little return imho. Hard to find enough time to bench much less, make some sort of oc guide or other written content but the thing I like is that it's something new and fresh :)

Hopefully it attracts more people into overclocking cause that's what it's all about.

Antarctica Trouffman says:

Glad to see this kind of "official" sponsorship for Pro OC guys happening. Keep pushing it !

Poland Xtreme Addict says:

Mike for president! :D

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