Overclocking is Booming in India! Check Out the Indian ASUS Power User Meet 2015 and OC Showdown

asus india oc showdown

Overclocking is booming in India - that is something we are very certain of after seeing the watching the after-movie and reading through the article of the ASUS Power User Meet 2015 and ASUS OC Showdown in India. With people like Toolius and Ksateaaa23 putting India on the international overclocking map and support from the local offices, it looks like overclockers in India have a bright future ahead.

Most recently, ASUS India organized a Power User Meet and OC Showdown gathering. On day one, the participants are introduced to the latest technology available on the market by Mr. Vinay Shetty who is the Country Head at ASUS India. The power users at the meet are introduced to the World Tour concept (yeey!) as well as get to know the international guest from Indonesia, Hazzan. The people get to see the entire ROG line-up of motherboards and Strix graphics cards and later on have the opportunity to get a hands-on experience.

On the second day, there was the ASUS OC Showdown India, modeled after the OC Showdown online and live overclocking competitions. All power users enjoyed the one-to-one interaction with overclocking legend Hazzan Jadid and Indian OC Guru Shatul Durlabhji (Toolius) who taught extreme OC with some live OC sessions. The extreme OC workshop also included the World Tour liquid nitrogen Safety Measures when Overclocking with LN2. Later during the day, Hazzan Jadid and Shatul Durlabhji took the Core i7 6770k for a 6GHz spin and put up some nice scores up on the board. Besides LN2 there were also water cooled systems with Titan X and three closed looped systems with Ranger VIII and i5-6600K to tweak and overclock.

For more information, check out the massive blog post at pctekindia.com and the after-movie of the event on YouTube.


Belgium Massman says:


India ksateaaa23 says:

reality is different. hope it's true. only one guy bench regularly in india. that's me. there is the no.1 toolius (shatul) and one asus employee and a gigabyte employee. that's the end of it. few occasional benchers whom you can't consider them really as overclockers. i am tracking for any new registered people and submissions. very bleak picture...............

Belgium Massman says:

Have you checked Rookies of India too? http://hwbot.org/team/rookies_of_india/ I was just browsing through it this morning and it looks like some rookies could use some tips for efficiency in XTU. There are some 4790k with low scores.

India ksateaaa23 says:

this event was organised by asus with the captains of ocindia. activity should have been in ocindia team. also this event is done with skylake boards with i7 6700k and i5 6600k. so there should have been good submissions with those processors. it was an invitational programme for power users but unfortunately none of them considered me as a power user.

after the event also only toolius submitting with thanks to hazzan for his tips..... added last one month activity of ocindia.

the captains of ocindia are having best connections in the hardware industry and can do much better. can go to colleges and universities and do some occasional programmes. also they needn't worry about sponsorship as asus employee is one of the captain. my feeling is they are not doing enough.

i am from pharma industry and i don't know anyone in hardware industry. also i am yet to start LN2 overclocking. i am planning in two months. i want to get into top of 5 enthusiatic league before i get into LN2 OVERCLOCKING. LN2 overclocking can create lot of interest to viewers.....so i have to start and master it.......... will take some time.

those rookies mentioned by you must be on their own like me. they should develop strong desire to succeed on their own or else god should help them..............

India ksateaaa23 says:

you were right. i found some xtu submissions with recent registrtations(last week) in rookies india. not sure they were influenced by this programme. but 7-8 people have registered with only one submission, mostly xtu with i7 4790k, g2010, g3220 and some mobile i7 processors.

Belgium Massman says:

You can always try reaching out to them to see if they could use some advise :)

Australia ozzie says:

how about you say this massman with all respect?.... overclocking is booming in classic platforms and Ksateaa is right up there doing it

India ksateaaa23 says:

i will definitely try to reach them. i will post my contact no., email id on all the rookies walls, who are registering on hwbot and ask them to contact me for any help. but senior pros may say that i am trying to promote myself ......objections etc.

i believe anything you learn, the fundamentals should be strong. you can't rush them into overclocking. first somebody should teach them fundamentals and let them spend some time understanding overclocking. slowly start with air cooling then h2o and so on.

i will love to help anyone, if they feel i can!!!

i want to see india do well in overclocking arena.

kindly suggest any ideas how can i give advice to these rookies.

India ksateaaa23 says:

i have an idea. i don't know if it's feasible. you can officially appoint me as hwbot representative or something like that for guiding the rookies of india. you can provide my email id and contact no. to them for any suggestions regarding overclocking, benching and submitting results to hwbot, competitions participation etc...........

it will not look nice to contact rookies directly from my side....

it's a raw idea and may be you can work it out in all those countries where the overclocking participation is poor.

India ksateaaa23 says:

Management guru Edward Deming says, "in god we trust, all others must bring data". This post lacks data of oc showdown competitions, benchmark submissions, new people registered to hwbot etc. It's incomplete.

India ksateaaa23 says:

I would like to clarify that I am talking about the original post by pctekindia.com

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