HWBOT Country Cup 2015 Kicks Off November 1st

The 2015 edition of the Country Cup is almost upon us, and in certain OC circles there is a profound sense of tension in the air. In the global Overclocking diaspora the natives are restless in anticipation of another barnstorming contest that pits nation against nation to establish one salient fact: Which country has the best overclockers?

In previous years we’ve seen Country Cup wins for Romania, Poland, Greece and Australia. In fact last year Australia proved to be global top dogs with a thoroughly dominant display which saw them take first place in every stage. In 2015 can the French, runners-up from last year, make a bigger impact this time around, or will third place finishers Indonesia push the Aussies further? Let’s take a look at the stages involved and see what this year’s Country Cup has in store for us.

For more information, check the Full Announcement at OC-ESPORTS

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