2015 Road to Pro Challenger and Pro OC Round 3 Concludes

The third round of the Road to Pro series concluded at OC-ESPORTS, a mammoth series comprising eight divisions and a total of forty gruelling stages that include everything from the most expensive hardware from Intel and Nvidia, to Raspberry Pi boards, classic platforms and budget hardware that we can all get our hands on. Welcome to the 2015 Road to Pro Round 3.

At OC-ESPORTS there are so many Overclocking competitions to take part in, including contests for Rookies, Novices, Enthusiasts and Pros, sponsored contests from leading hardware vendors, contests centered retro hardware as well as team-based challenges and more. In short, there’s plenty going in the 2015 Overclocking Season.

Congrats to all overclockers who took part and made Round 3 of the Challenger Divisions such a success. Stay tuned for the Round 4 which runs throughout November and December, concluding the 2015 season on OC-ESPORTS.

Full article at OC-ESPORTS: click

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