Intel #ExpertMode Ep. 1 - The Refrigerator Rig feat. Travis Jank

In the first episode of #ExpertMode Travis Jank, also known as V2-V3, builds a Haswell based computer from scratch, cooling the CPU with a phase-change cooler and the GeForce GTX 980 Ti with liquid cooling.

"#ExpertMode is a 6-episode look at extreme PC's and the passionate artists who build them. To kick things off, PC modder Travis Jank invites us into his Idaho, USA workshop to see the blazingly fast, freezing cold computer that utilizes two separate window air conditioning units modified to fit into his case. Travis calls this the Refrigerator Rig."

Check out the video by clicking here or on the image on the left-hand side.


Belgium Massman says:


Poland Xtreme Addict says:

Nice one :) BTW, Intel is on fire with XOC promotion ;)

United States xxbassplayerxx says:

Awesome :)

Czech Republic Aerou says:

Nicely done. I applaud what Travis has built.
Two remarks:
1. When building a rig of this magnitude and mentioning rendering, etc., why not go for
a highend Haswell-E system instead of mainstream Haswell.
2. Dont underestimate "silent" data corruption. A highly overclocked system with 32 gigabytes of non-ECC memory isn't safe for important work or sensitive data.

And some criticism towards Intel.
1. I wonder how (in)effective his refrigeration cooling is with a stock thermal paste under the IHS.
2. Promote XOC and at the same time artificially lock BCLK OC on non-K Skylakes isn't the way to go

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