Shimizu-san Hosts Z170X-SOC Force Launch Event in Tokyo, Japan

Just four days ago we linked you to Duck-san's overclocking lecture at a local university and today we continue the coverage of extreme overclocking events in Japan with Shimizu-san's Z170X-SOC Force launch event.

In cooperation with GIGABYTE Japan and Links International, Shimizu-san showed the power of the Z170X-SOC Force by clocking the Core i7 6700K to 6.1GHz and running through Cinebench R15. The resulting 1336 marks puts the score in the top-20 for the Core i7 6700K in this particular benchmark.

From the looks of it, there was also a chance for new overclockers to try out extreme overclocking as Shimizu-san carefully stands aside to ensure nothing goes wrong. For more pictures, check out his public Facebook post here.

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