Duck-san Teaches 300 Japanese University Students How to Overclock With Liquid Nitrogen

On his personal Facebook page, Duck-san shared some pictures of an overclocking event in Japan. In the form of a university lecture, an audience of 300 people listened carefully as Duck-san explained how overclocking yields extra FPS and that voltage and temperature affects overclocking capabilities.

The second half of the lecture was reserved for students to experience the joy and stress of managing the CPU operating temperature using liquid nitrogen. According to the Facebook post, Japanese students are similar to the Indonesian, Australian, and South African students in a sense that they quickly want to learn how to get started with overclocking. It's great to see more and more seasoned overclockers take the time to pass on their knowledge to a new generation of overclockers!

You can find more more pictures of the event in the Facebook post linked above.


South Africa Vivi says:

299! guy in grey is sleeping !

Great work duck wow, this is great! get them to join team Japan

United States xxbassplayerxx says:

Man that would be awesome to attend... if it was in English lol

Indonesia Lucky_n00b says:

300! Would be hard to top that :eek: :eek:
Great Job!

FlanK3r says:

good one :)

Hungary Achill3uS says:

japanese knowledge sharing still amazes me, i miss very bad CAL930, NewBeetle, Kyosen, OMEGA3 and the rest of the "old guys" from the game... oc would be not the same without Team Japan! keep up the spirit duck-san, you and fredyama are living legends!

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