GIGABYTE Tweak Launcher (GTL) v2.2 OC Software for Z170 Chipset Up For Download

In a blog post at the GIGABYTE Tech Daily, a blog hosted by the GIGABYTE technical marketing team, Dino shares the new version of GTL. GTL, or GIGABYTE Tweak Launcher, version 2.2 supports Z170 extensively.

The GIGABYTE team indicates they've tested the new software version on all versions of Windows operating systems. The dials, buttons, and knobs include various frequencies including base clock, CPU and Uncore ratios, as well as various voltage and related parameters.

Of course there's a necessary disclaimer: "don’t go setting crazy voltage because you can kill hardware". On air cooling, Dino's recommends sticking to 10% over-voltage at most for regular OC rigs. You can find the blog-post and download link here.

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