Core i3 6100 Skylake is In! Benchmarks 669 in XTU at 3.7 GHz and 11% Faster than 4.2GHz i3 Haswell

"Easy Points", that's what Australian overclocker Pho5ph0ric describes his Core i3 6100 XTU result. It is the first result of the Core i3 Skylake we find in our database and it gives fresh numbers for analysis.

First of all, at 3700 MHz the Core i3 6300 CPU scores 669 points in XTU. This is 74 points higher than the fastest-ever Core i3 Haswell, a result made by Dancop. For the result of 595 marks, Dancop overclocked the locked Core i3 4370 to 4223 MHz CPU frequency, cooled with liquid nitrogen, and fine-tuned the DDR3 memory to a healthy DDR3-2668 with Cas Latency 6, also cooled with liquid nitrogen. It is thus quite remarkable that a stock clocked Skylake is 11% faster than an highly overclocked Haswell. Per GHz the Core i3 Skylake outputs 18 XTU marks whereas the Core i3 Haswell does barely over 14 marks, a difference of almost 30%!

Bear in mind that XTU is a software application developed by Intel and that, although based on the Prime95 code, the benchmark results have to be taken with a grain of salt. Nevertheless, an improvement of 28% per clock over the previous architecture is quite remarkable and we look forward to seeing more overclockers take the locked processors for a spin!

In the meantime we congratulate Pho5ph0ric with his Global First Place in the XTU 2xCPU category

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