Maximum PC: Thinking Inside Boxx - Why Overclocking Workstations Makes Sense

Boxx is a boutique system builder with an enthusiast edge. Today they introduced what they refer to as "the world's smallest overclocked workstation," the Apexx1. There are two processor options for the Apexx1 system: a non-overclocked (boo!) Xeon 18-core or the overclocked (yeey!) eight-core Core i7 5960X.

In an interview with Maximum PC, Boxx Senior Product Marketing Manager Chris Morley said: "We have a steady demand for overclocked workstations. Once we educate our customers on the benefits of overclocking and how it can benefit their workflow, they're on board." The main benefits for the customers are of course more frame rates per second for gamers, but more importantly it's a money-maker for creative professionals. Overclocked systems get the work done faster, which allows the professionals to get home to their families earlier. When asked about the failure rate, Boxx states something overclockers have known for a very long time: there is almost no real-world difference, if the system is configured properly.

Pricing for the Apexx1 with a Core i7 5960X at 4GHz starts from USD $5,181 and with a 3.5GHz Xeon at USD $4,284. More info at

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