Result Moderators Approved, Fixed, and Blocked Almost 10,000 Results This Year

It's a known fact that HWBOT wouldn't be operating as efficiently as it does without the limitless support from dedicated community members who not only keep the database clean from faulty entries, but also take care of the hardware database and help out in the forum. It isn't easy to measure the impact of the volunteer staff as much of the activity happens behind the curtains. One of the statistics we have access to, however, is the number of "moderator actions". An action is for example checking a result as valid after a user flagged it.

In the first nine months of 2015, the moderator staff approved, edited, or blocked 9,500 result submissions at HWBOT. Per day, that is an average of almost 35 submissions! The most active staff member is the Head of Moderation Christian Ney who has processed almost 4,000 submissions this year. Second and third most active are respectively GENiEBEN and Leeghoofd. Of course the impact of the staff cannot be measured by actions alone. For example, Strunkenbold has been very active sweeping the hardware database of faulty hardware entries, and Websmile helped a lot steering the competitions in the right direction.

Some moderators are less active on the site, but are helping a lot behind the scenes with input and feedback on everything HWBOT related.

Thank you very much for the support and dedication; HWBOT wouldn't be the same without you guys!


GENiEBEN says:

One does not simply catch up with CN.

United States Mr.Scott says:

All of the guys bolded in the first post are genuinely good dudes and do a great job. All have helped CP members out at one time or another. We appreciate that. :)

Antarctica Trouffman says:

Awesome work guys ! Keep pushing it !

Puerto Rico MrPaco says:

In my dealings with the ModTeam, I find them to be gracious, very helpful and extremely patient. Thank you for all your hard work... It is appreciated.

Poland ludek says:

Keep doing it to increase quality of Overclocking in every aspect. GJ guys!

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