Michal Vobozil "Xtreme Addict" in Interview with Intel IQ Poland: Talking about Extreme Overclocking

On the Polish version of the Intel IQ blog, we find Xtreme Addict in conversation with Intel. The long and very interesting interview deals with various aspects of overclocking: what drivers people to try LN2, what kind of competitions are there, what are the risks for your hardware, and so on. Check out the interview at iq.intel.pl in Polish or use the Google Translated version in English. Below are a couple of quotes from Xtreme Addict.

The main difference between homemade and competitive overclocking is the use - the high-performance overclocking is only temporarily, for the duration of thebenchmarks to test the strength and potential of architecture when looking for bottlenecks platform. To this end, many solutions are created which then are used for daily overclocking. An example is the "Internal PLL voltage" known since the Sandy Bridge processors. Manufacturers have found a way to increase the frequency limit the cache in the processor (Sandy Bridge processors, core frequency and the cache were in a ratio of 1:1) and gave an additional 400-500 MHz processor. This helped to beat the previous record of architecture in the benchmarks.

I take it all as a great adventure and that is why I am most pleased with the fact that I won the largest number of finals live from all overclockers, including two times in a row HOT - HyperX Overclocking Takeover. I hope that this year I will be able to defend his title again. In the global ranking HWBOT currently ranks second in the world, and I'm near the first place.

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