PC Gamer Special Report on Extreme Overclocking with Vivi - Inside the cold and impractical sport of pushing PCs to their limit

For anyone who's interested in extreme overclocking, take note. In the November edition of the PC Gamer magazine you'll find a Special Report on the ins and outs of Extreme Overclocking. Central guest of the article is Goddy 'Vivi' Roodt, the South-African top overclocker currently in the top-10 of the Overclockers League.

In the article you will find the most important tips for starting with extreme overclocking. You find out which tools are required, how you can get started, and how to deal with the inevitable frustrations of extreme overclocking. Going from killing that one, golden CPU to being edged out by someone who is more efficient ... the competitive nature of overclocking comes with first-world struggles. In addition to Vivi, PC Gamer also covers a bit of HWBOT history. Going from the start in 2005 to the latest step up with the World Tour events and the Rookie category, everyone has a good idea of what overclocking is.

The very well-written article can be found in the November edition of PC Gamer and will soon be published on the pcgamer.com website. Check it out!

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